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Competition Sashes


Competition Sashes are commonly worn at swimsuit and bikini competitions usually with a State, County or Country title  but may also be used for other events such as marketing events, smaller pageants, and any thing else you can think of.

Our competition sashes are made to order and stand out with a nice bold text with your custom title, slogan, or statement and are some of the most cost effective ribbon sashes in the market.


100% polyester


70-72 inches long

Competition Sash Color *

Only available in white

Competition Title Color *

Choose title color

Title (max 24 characters including spaces) *

Titles in all caps only

Event Date *

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Purchase 10 or more Competition Sashes and get each one for $3.49

Titles for Competition Sashes are limited to 24 characters or less

(spaces are included in character count)

Important Ordering Details

  • Each sash may have a different title as long as the title is under 24 characters
  • Each sash may only have one title of text
  • We only use one nice bold font for these sashes; if you need a different text you will need to upgrade to a custom ribbon sash
  • We do not allow graphics to be added to these competition sashes
  • We will provide safety pins only for these sashes
  • Please make sure you double check your titles and spelling of your text. We will not be held responsible for spelling errors!